About my work

I'm a Computer Engineer which has been developing software for more than 10 years now. After founding a startup I've had the opportunity to learn other skills like: analyzing business models, raising money, hiring/firing, managing projects, data-informed decision making, UX, graphic design and online marketing.

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Content I've found interesting lately

Solving Problems the Clojure Way

Rafal Dittwald


Great explaination about the difference between procedural, object oriented and functional programming. Explaning the tools to minimize and concentrate side effects so most of the code ends up being made up of pure functions which are easy to test and debug.

Software development

Added on 6/6/2019

Thinking in Data

Stuart Sierra


After many experiences with object oriented programming I agree that developers often get tangled up into defining the correct objects and their relations and loose focus of the actual problem they are solving. If you step back and understand that software is mainly about transforming data you can focus on solving the problem and remove a lot of overhead.

Software development

Added on 21/9/2018

Effective Programs

Rich Hickey


In as constant discussion about the importance of types and correctness in software development, Rich states that it is more important for a program to be effective than to proof that a program is correct. Most programs that are developed need to actually solve problems in the real world and that is the most important thing.

Software development

Added on 18/8/2018

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