About my work

I'm a Computer Engineer which has been developing software for more than 10 years now. After founding a startup I've had the opportunity to learn other skills like: analyzing business models, raising money, hiring/firing, managing projects, data-informed decision making, UX, graphic design and online marketing.

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Content I've found interesting lately

How I think about solving problems

Nicholas C. Zakas


Nicholas, Author of ESLint and many books on JavaScript, has a very interesting strategy to find with the most important problems to work on or delegate at the right times.


Added on 20/1/2020

The Hard Parts of Open Source

Evan Czaplicki


The creator of the Elm language shares some interesting analysis on how to make online interactions more constructive and friendly.

Software developmentPsychology

Added on 10/1/2020

Please don’t mock me

Justin Searls


Justin shares his experiences writing tests and describes the common mistakes that developers do when starting to write tests. It is always tricky to coach teams into testing correctly and this talk concentrates so many good points that it is a must watch if you are learning about the topic.

Software development

Added on 2/12/2019

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