About my work

I'm a Computer Science engineer which has been developing software for more than 10 years now. After founding a startup I've had the opportunity to learn other skills like: analyzing business models, raising money, hiring/firing, managing projects, data-driven decision making, UX, graphic design and online marketing.

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Content I've found interesting lately

I hate almost all software

Ryan Dhal


The creator of Node.js rants about software development, I agree we have to open our eyes and start rethinking software development.

TechnologySoftware development

Added on 23/8/2016

The Ascent of Man

Jacob Bronowski


A fantastic summary of all the inventions and discoveries that have been crucial to build our current lifestyle.


Added on 17/8/2016


Dr. Carol S. Dweck


A simple yet powerful strategy to embrace a growth mindset that empowers you to never stop learning, anything can be learned with effort.


Added on 11/8/2016

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